What is ServerKart?

ServerKart is a web platform that can help private game server owners, for popular games like Minecraft, make money to pay for the costs of running their servers and help manage their player communities - with zero plugins.

How is ServerKart responding to the new EULA laid out by Mojang?

We are aware in the change to the EULA which now permits server operators to monetize via selling in-game items, but with some new limitations to the store operators. While many see this as a difficult upset, we see this is a positive in that Mojang recognizes the game community needs to find ways to monetize their servers, and we believe this paves the path for new and creative ideas to be explored.

As so, we have already started work on some new creative ways for server operators to monetize, that don't involve selling in-game items at all. Using our platform, will give you a "one-up", as we begin to release these new features in the near future :-)

What do you mean by zero plugins?

Zero plugins means, you don't have to download or install anything on your game server to use our platform.

Our system works for ALL Minecraft servers, Bukkit, Spigot, and Classic. It also works for 170 other games.

You said you support 170 games, why can only signup with a Minecraft server right now?

We're focused on the Minecraft community because we feel they already "get us", and we see server owners really struggling to afford their costs.

So, we want to make a big impact in the Minecraft community first, then we'll start opening up to additional games on our list.

This will help us dedicate our attention to one game at a time, and provide a high quality service and product to the community.

How does ServerKart send game commands to the server?

We use the RCON Protocol which is a TCP/IP-based communication protocol built into popular games, like Minecraft, that allows console commands to be issued to the server via a "remote console", or RCON.

How do I enable Rcon?

You can enable RCon in your server's properties file. When you login to the dashboard, there are specific instructions on how to do this. It's as simple as turning on the RCon variables and setting the RCon Password.

How do server owners make money?

Primarily, at first, by selling in-game ranks, and items, via a shopping kart website we've created. A server owner signs up on our website, and creates packages to sell to their player communities.

Upon purchase of products, our website sends game commands to the server using RCon. The player instantly receives their product, and the server operator gets their money. This is completely automated for the server owners, and we take zero fees for this process.

All the server owner needs is a game server, like Minecraft, and a payment method, like Paypal, or Stripe - and they can use our platform.

What Payment Gateways do you support?

At this time we support Paypal, Paygol, and Stripe. We are adding more as a top priority.

Can I disable features I don't want to use?


Our platform is highly customizable. If you don't want private member registration, or forums, you can disable them. Modules are configurable as well.

You can even use one of our 15+ themes for your site, or customize the look and feel to be completely unique using our theme and CSS editor.

Are server operators allowed to sell in-game items and ranks?


We should take a moment to clarify, as it wasn't always allowed:

In June 2014, Mojang recognized that private server owners were the crux of their online game world, and server operators were struggling to afford to keep the community alive. So, in response, Mojang, the company behind Minecraft, recently changed their EULA to allow server owners to monetize their servers in multiple ways, like selling in-game items.

What else do you do again? Community Building?

In addition to game stores, we also offer a community building platform, where players can engage with forums, private registration, mailing lists, and more.

We intend to grow our community platform, to help game servers maximize their monetization abilities by using our service.

If I sign up for a premium subscription, can I cancel?


You can cancel your subscription at anytime. If you cancel within 7 days, you will automatically receive a full refund.

Does ServerKart offer discounts?


Premium subscriptions can be purchased in advanced time quantities at discounted rates. Refer to our pricing plans for more information on current discounts

We also give away free premium time in promotions, follow us on twitter for chances to win!

What's in 'store' for the future?

In addition to, all the goodies you are used to seeing from competitors around shopping carts. We also have a few other tricks up our sleeve that we'll be releasing in the future that help server operators monetize in other ways too.

Shopping Karts alone isn't where this train stops! We hope you'll join us!

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