What is ServerKart?

ServerKart is a full featured platform for your game server.

  • It's a website builder.
  • It's a store and donation platform.
  • It's a community builder.

We've developed a platform that helps you grow your game server community through rich features like forums, monetize it through a built in web store, and manage by executing in-game commands remotely via the dashboard.

We do all of this, without any plugins or install scripts on your server!

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Some of our features...

Sleek and Intelligent Dashboard

We've designed an intuitive and easy to use dashboard to help you manage your site and store. Both the store owners and registered members have access to their own dashboards when logging in. As a store owner you can keep your players in the loop via posting notices straight to the member dashboards.


Web Store

Our platform helps you create a webstore. We support multiple payment gateways, and are adding support for new gateways. You can group products into categories, feature products on your front page, and have automated custom commands to your game server fire off upon purchase, chargeback, subscriptions, and expirations.


Community Forums

We're all about building your player community. Our dashboard lets you create both public and member only forums, global threads, locked threads, and even uses player in-game avatar in posts. Forums are a really smart way to keep your players engaged, outside just the game. You can even assign moderators to help you, and community policing is in place for users to flag suspicious posts.


Site Member Registration

Keep your player community engaged, even outside the game, by enabling member registration at the site. Registration allows players to engage in community forums, and receive notices via their dashboards. Higher member engagement equates to increased revenue for the store owner. You can even lock registration to approved members only, for a private community.

We also offer in-game player verification as an option that allows site operators to enforce real-players are using their site.


Custom Themes/CSS

In addition to 15+ catchy default themes you can choose from, you can further customize your entire site by adding your own CSS. The possibilities are endless.


Reports and Statistics

We're building advanced reports and statistics so you can measure the performance of your site and store. It's easy to know how well you are doing as soon as you login, as our dashboard display shows you quick "At a glance..." graphs of the last 30 days.

Custom Pages

Custom Pages and Navigation Dropdowns

Create custom pages to post your own rankings, rules, or share videos or art.

Organize your custom pages into drop downs in the navigation bar!


  • Resend Game Commands over RCon
  • Online player list
  • Game avatars in forums
  • Multiple configurable modules, like the Donation Module & Featured Products
  • Site ban
  • Responsive Design for display on Multiple Devices

It's all that and more!

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